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How to improve drainage in my lawn

Poor lawn drainage can cause a multitude of problems down the track for the lawn owners.  Without correct drainage, fungal, disease, weed infestation and even dying grass can occur.

Ensuring your lawn’s drainage is correct before installing a new lawn can save a lot of headaches and time down the track.  If you already have established lawns already and have a few trouble spots where water is pooling there are a few things you can do.

Aeration: This will help your lawn by permeability allowing water to be absorbed better into the soil.  If your drainage is severe, regular aeration may not stop the water from continuing to pool.

Topdressing: If your soil base is compacted and has a high proportion of clay,  regular aerating combined with topdressing will improve the lawns profile and better allow for water absorption.  Make sure you do this during the warmer months of the year.  It is also advisable to spread gypsum which will also help the water seep down deeper.

If the problem continues to persist even after only a light to moderate amount of rain, you may need to look at a more permanent solution to your drainage issues.

French Drains: This is a common solution that involves digging a trench with at least a 2-4 % slope for the excess water to flow into.  For a one metre trench for example, you will need the slope to be at least 2cm from the highest point to the lowest.  At the bottom of the trench, a perforated pipe sits which is covered over with gravel.

Drywell: A drywell is a large hole in the ground which is filled with gravel and has an inlet line coming from a drain, downpipe or French drain coming into the pit.  A drywell can help transfer surface water deeper into the subsoil.

Dry Creek Bed: A dry creek bed is a trench that usually follows a channel or natural fall which is filled with gravel or stones.  This helps control the flow of water, diverting it away from low spots and preventing erosion.  Dry creek beds are becoming more common as they provide an interesting element to landscaping ideas, both looking visually attractive and providing a practical drainage solution. 

Depending on your drainage needs, there are many options available to suit.  If you are uncertain on what drainage option is best for your area, we recommend bringing in an expert.

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