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Using fire pits – How to protect your lawn

One of the best at home activities during winter, is a backyard fire with friends or family under the stars.

Ensuring the space is safe for you and your loved ones is the key.  Make sure that the fire is placed away from the house, fence, and any other objects that may be considered a fire risk.

Unless your backyard fire is a purpose built structure away from the grass, the ideal placement for the fire may be on your lawn.  If this is the case,  you will need to prepare the area to ensure the fire does not cause horrible dead scorch marks on your grass.

To ensure your lawn is safe from the damage a backyard fire can cause, here are some simple tips to consider:

  • Fire Safety is the number one priority.  Always have a hose, bucket of water or fire extinguisher nearby and keep your fire to a manageable size.  
  • Rake away any debris around the area that may be considered a fire risk if embers were to escape.  Think sticks, leaves and dead grass.
  • Put your fire on a platform.  Using bricks or pavers will create a makeshift heat shield for the grass below.  Just be sure to remove them once the fire is extinguished and cooled down to ensure the grass underneath doesn’t die.  The higher the fire is away from the grass, the less chance it will scorch the grass underneath. 
  • Add some sand to the bottom of your fire pit.  Not only will this disperse the heat more evenly it will also act as an insulator between the fire and your grass.
  • Once your fire is established, the grass around it will get quite warm and dehydrated.  To ensure there isn’t any long term damage, water your grass a couple of times throughout the night to ensure it stays cool and hydrated. 
  • Try not to start your fire with fuels or lighter fluid which produces extremely hot flames.  Try to catch the wood alight naturally and slowly.  This will build nice hot coals at its base.
  • There are many varieties of fire pits available that are raised and adaptable to smaller outdoor areas that are perfect for you and your lawn.

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